Become Internationally Recognised With Emotional Intelligence

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Grant Herbert

Here is What You'll Learn

How To Gain Massive Credibility

Learn how becoming certified myself has opened doors for me to speak, train and coach in 22 countries so far.

Set Yourself Apart From Your Peers

How to get all the training, tools and support you need to build your own thriving social + emotional intelligence training and coaching practice.

Complete Your Certification On Your Terms

How to take advantage of the latest methods in adult learning that are designed to fit your current situation and availability.

Get MORE Long Term Clients Signed

Discover why this is the most sought-after, in-demand form of personal and professional development today.

Develop Yourself, Not Just Others.

How to become more emotionally self-aware, build more confidence and personal power, manage stress and live more intentionally.

Give Your Clients Even Greater Value

Join the ranks of the world's elite trainers and coaches who are recognised for their ability to help their clients get results faster.


Your Master Coach Trainer

Grant Herbert is an internationally recognised expert in the area of Social and Emotional Intelligence. He was trained and mentored by Dr Laura Belsten, the founder of the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence, in Denver, Colorado.

Grant is the founder of People Builders and the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence Asia Pacific. He has trained and certified hundreds of coaches who are working in the field today, all around the world, and he would love to have you on the team.

Grant has a vast experience in training and coaching the 26 competencies of SEI with many multi-national corporations in over 22 countries so far. He is a sought-after speaker at many global conferences for his leadership in this field, and was just named Emotional Intelligence Speaker and Trainer of the Year.